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Transcultural/Global Experiences

Category Description

The goal of this category is to encourage and assist students to interact with a wide variety of people from culturally diverse backgrounds. By understanding and appreciating other cultures, students can be better prepared for the culturally diverse workforce, of which they will be a part after graduation.

To achieve this goal, students are encouraged to participate in the out-of-class learning that will immerse them in a culture other than their own. This immersion will help the student understand the social, political, spiritual, cultural, economic and environmental aspects of that part of the world. Students are encouraged to present their experience, at their discretion, in conjunction with the sponsoring mentor and the Center for Global Engagement (CGE).

Examples and Criteria

Examples of activities that satisfy this category include: :
  • A full semester of study abroad**
  • A shorter-term faculty-led trip abroad
  • Completion of the Ambassador of Equality Program
  • Successful completion of a semester as a Global Ambassador with the Center for Global Engagement

    **International students attending RMU can get Global Experience credit for this category with an additional assignment coordinated through the Center for Global Engagement 

Getting SET Category Approval

Beginning with the Fall 2014 semester:
Students who participate in activities that are coordinated by the CGE, such as the post of Global Ambassador, a study abroad semester or faculty-led trip can submit their activity upon completion of term/trip and/or receipt of grade.  

To receive SET approval for the Transcultural/Global Experience category activity, students can submit the activity through their Sentry Secured Services account.

Log into account and click on Submit SET Activity under Academics: 
Sentry Secured Services.  The RMU SET Guide to Submitting an Activity gives step-by-step instructions on completing this process. 

Please note that these experiences can be approved only by the faculty member leading the trip or an authorized member of the CGE. Only authorized approvals will be processed.

*If a student is part of a large group or class submitting the same activity to one faculty/staff member, please ask authorizing faculty/staff member his or her preference for submission of this activity.  He or she may prefer to submit the activity as a group.

International students enrolled at RMU that have completed the comprehensive reflection piece for global experience coordinated with a member of the CGE may submit activity electronically.  Only authorized member of CGE approval accepted. 

Students who complete requirements for the Ambassador of Equality Program may submit activity upon successful completion. Only authorized member of Multicultural Student Services approval accepted.

Approval for independent Transcultural/Global experiences will be handled on a case-by-case basis, coordinated through the Office of Engaged Learning and the Center for Global Engagement before the independent experience takes place.

Questions should be directed to Samantha Moik, Engaged Learning Specialist at (412) 397-5973 or or
Terri Byrnes, Assistant Director of Engaged Learning at (412) 397-6430 or