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Professional Experience

Category Description

The goal of this category is to highlight the professional experiences that students take part in during their academic career. These experiences may be distinctly academic and involve academic credit, or they may be co-curricular in nature and not relate directly to academic credit.

Examples and Criteria

Examples of academic credit activities that satisfy this category include:

These are faculty monitored
  • Internship—faculty-monitored work experience for which students earn academic credit as part of their curriculum. Internships can be part-time or full-time, and can be paid or unpaid,
  • Practicum—faculty-monitored work experience that relates to the student's academic curriculum and may or may not earn academic credit. Practica are generally offered in departments that do not offer internships,
  • Student Teaching—faculty-monitored teaching experience for which students earn academic credit as part of their curriculum, it is generally unpaid, 
  • Clinical—a faculty-monitored experience associated with a healthcare agency
  • Completion of a Professional Development Portfolio (certifications and/or attend/participate in five different events related to professional development in field of study – signed off/approved by faculty/staff)
Activities or experiences that do not earn academic credit may also be used in this category. Examples include:
  • Field Experienceexperience applying to the field of major,
  • Non-credit internship—work experience that does not earn academic credit, but that is applicable to the field of major (approved through the Career Center). 
This does not include normal full-time or part-time employment.

Getting SET Category Approval

Beginning with the Fall 2014 semester:

Students participating in academic or non-academic internships should continue to coordinate through the Career Center.  Forms for internships are available at the Career Center. The internship will be reported by authorized staff in the Career Center (not a self-reported activity). 

If a student attempts to submit an internship electronically, it will be declined.  If an internship is not listed on the student's SET by the end of the first month of the following academic term, please contact the Office of Engaged Learning.

Other Professional Experiences
Upon successful completion of a practicum, student teaching, or clinical experience under the Professional Experience category, the experience will be reported by authorized staff in the student's department (not a self-reported activity).

If a student attempts to submit such an experience electronically, it will be declined.  If the experience is not listed on the student's SET by the end of the first month of the following academic term, please contact the Office of Engaged Learning.

Professional Development Portfolio
Students participating in professional development workshops coordinated and advertised through the Career Center should sign up through ColoniakTrak under Events.  Upon completed participation in the workshop, the activity will be submitted by authorized staff in the Career Center.  This will count towards the completion of the Professional Development Portfolio.

Other Professional Development Portfolio activities (including attendance of the RMU Career Expo and RMU Career Fair) can be submitted by student electronically for faculty/staff approval, but should have a reflection piece/report/class discussion completed and submitted to approving faculty/staff member before electronic submission attempted.

Log into account and click on Submit SET Activity under Academics: Sentry Secured Services.  The RMU SET Guide to Submitting an Activity gives step-by-step instructions on completing this process.  

*If desired entry is not yet listed in the Sentry drop-down, please contact the Office of Engaged Learning: set@rmu.edu

*If a student is part of a large group or class submitting the same activity to one faculty/staff member, please ask authorizing faculty/staff member his or her preference for submission of this activity.  He or she may prefer to submit the activity as a group.

Questions should be directed to Samantha Moik, Engaged Learning Specialist, at (412) 397-5973 or moik@rmu.edu, or
Terri Byrnes, Assistant Director of Engaged Learning, at (412) 397-6430 or